Satin + Blanket = Baby Bliss February 17 2014, 0 Comments

Have you ever watched a baby “love” on their favorite satin blanket as they lull off to sleep, precious right? Blankets aren’t just for an extra layer of warmth. They can curb anxiety and create a sense of comfort and security. Babies need to learn to comfort themselves and a satin blanket provides a soft soothing texture for little ones to rub on and cuddle.

For a more in depth view on babies and their attachments to blankets check out this article.

OK, here’s another question to ponder, have you ever found yourself missing that favorite satin blanket around nap or bed time? YIKES! We receive daily calls from panicked parents and grandparents looking to purchase a "replacement" blanket.  Many of our patterns are limited edition and once we are sold out they are gone for good.  Recommendation…be prepared and always pack a spare!

Bebe Bella Designs is offering 70% off select patterned satin backed blankets. This sale includes all sizes: blankee, baby and toddler. Sale starts Tuesday, February 18th and runs through Sunday, February 23rd. At these prices you can get your favorite blanket plus a spare! 

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