The School Bell is Ringing! August 05 2014, 0 Comments

It seems like we have barely dipped our toes in the pool water and now we are buying school supplies!  So, it is with mixed emotions we find ourselves preparing for another school year. 

I'm lucky if I can get a picture of my little ones as they head off to class that first day the bell rings.  However, I just ran across a really cool annual "project" that could create an amazing memory book.  The best part is, you and your child can do it together!  "All About Me" free printables are available here:

These printables go through highschool.  What a wonderfully simple way to capture their lives: favorite books, experiences, hobbies.  Place the finished pages in a spiral notebook and WOW, what an amazing graduation gift!  

Good luck to all students out there...make it an amazing year!