5 Fun Ways to Fight Cabin Fever with Little Ones

October 28, 2014

Soon the days will be shorter and much colder! There will be times ahead of us where everyone will be cooped up inside ALL DAY LONG.  I’m all for quality family time but sometimes too much togetherness can drive me to the edge of Koo Koo Lane.  Instead of driving off the edge, why not try some of the below activities.  They will surely help break any case of Cabin Fever and create some wonderful memories to cherish!

  1. Fort Fun: Grab the couch cushions, blankets and dining room chairs. Help your kids create their very own Fort Fun! Encourage your little ones to design a customized sign for their new fort. Bring in some of their favorite toys and books for an afternoon of imaginary play.
  2. Dance Party: Slide on those cool sunglasses, drape yourself with beaded necklaces and get dolled up in your fanciest attire. It’s time to dance the day away! Throw caution to the wind and dance like no one is watching! It’s the perfect chance to introduce your children to some “real” music, aka, the music you loved growing up!
  3. Bubble Bath: Rub a Dub Dub, isn’t it fun being in the tub? When the tub is full of bubbles the answer is typically, YES. What a great way to warm up on a bitter cold day.
  4. Bake: Why not create a sweet treat together in the kitchen? The kids will love to help you measure, stir and pour. Then, you can all enjoy the “fruits” of your labor.
  5. Create a Book: Have your little ones write and illustrate their own book. They will need to come up with their own original story. If they can’t write, you can write their words and they can draw the pictures. When it is all done, bind it with staples along the edge.


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