Time to Quilt! May 31 2016, 0 Comments

Feeling a little Crafty?  

We have just the thing for you!  

Bebe Bella Designs is proud to present Pre Cut Quilting Squares!  
These minky pieces are cut and ready to be sewn into you very own creation.

Making a Blankee?  Here is what you will need.

3 rows of 3 squares per panel.  9 squares per panel…18 squares total.

 1 Blankee Panel 

You need 2 panels for one blankee.(1 front/1 back)



Making a Baby Blanket?  Here is what you will need.

6 rows of 6 squares per panel.  36 squares per panel…72 squares total.

 1 Baby Blanket Panel

You need 2 panel for one baby blanket.(1 front/1 back)


Ready for some fun?  Jump on over to our quilt square page and start creating today!