Sensory Development…Serious PLAY!

March 06, 2015 1 Comment

Sensory Development…Serious PLAY!

Sensory development is all about the growth of the five senses: hear, taste, touch, smell and vision. Senses will grow/change through the end of a child’s second year.

Why is sensory development so important?  When it comes to developing the senses there’s a domino effect. For example, if an infant’s hearing in not fully developed her speech and language development can be gravely impaired. 

Ever wonder why babies always seem to be placing their hands and anything they can grab in their mouth?  Infants’ mouths and hands are especially sensitive.  In other words, they are busy developing their senses of touch and taste.

HIP HIP HORRAY…it’s time for PLAY!

Looking for toys made specifically for sensory development

Take a look at Bebe Bella Designs Crinkle Toy.  Made with soft minky chenille, it is lined with a fun “crinkly” noise.  Bebe Bella Designs crinkle toy will stimulate baby’s senses of touch and audio.  It can easily be tossed in the wash for a quick clean and can be thrown in a bag or purse to be carried anywhere you and your little one may roam.

Bebe Bella Designs is offering a special on their Crinkle Toys now through March 13th!  Simply enter code: crinklead at checkout and receive your Solid Minky Chenille Crinkle Toy for a low $4.99!  Offer valid on Solid Minky Chenille Crinkle Toys only.  Code expires midnight March 13th

Start your little one’s “Serious Play” NOW!  

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Ann Lewis
Ann Lewis

March 07, 2015

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